Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Battle to be the Best!

“I don’t want to have a breakfast there.”
“It is so expensive!”
      That is the words that I always hear in my life. Everyone is concerned about money. I pointed out that all things in the world is expensive except for food!

     I have studied about the cafeterias in one university in Malaysia. The food inside there is so cheap and also delicious. If I want to survive in here, I only need to spend at least five ringgit per day! That is very interesting for me. Actually, people not really thankful for what they get. I saw the students in this university still comparing the prices of the food even though the food in the university was cheap and good in taste. As the effect, the cafeterias in this university had to go through hardship to win their customers.

      In addition, I want to share how to make your cafeteria having full of people. The first thing is you must sell your food and drinks as the lowest price as the other cafeteria. It really works! I did it when I sell the fruits in my village last year. Thus, the students will choose your cafeteria for their meal. Next, your cafeteria must serve the finger licking good food so that the students will prefer to be at your cafeteria!

      Besides, do you ever think of your food? I know this is really weird for you. I mean your food condition. It must always be warmed. This reason is make your food taste will be always delicious and this is also making your customers feeling more appreciated to be your customers.

      As a conclusion, every battle in this world will never have one winner. Once you lose, please keep trying because you are a winner too! Just believe in yourself.